Is Singapore Truly The World’s Best Logistics Hub?

Singapore is one of the world’s busiest shipping and logistics port in South East Asia, and arguably the world. A large chunk of the world’s shipping companies operate in Singapore, due to its strategic location for shipping deliveries. As you can see from the above video, Singapore is being argued as the world’s number 1 logistics hub. However, do you agree with it? In our opinion, we certainly do! Check out the above video to find out why we agree with Prof Peter Klaus.

Are delivery jobs suitable for everyone?

In Singapore, most people will strive to enter the professional industries such as medical, law, and banking. These industries usually contain the highest paying jobs and prestige statuses. For those who are less educated, they will take up jobs who are more routine and manual, such as delivery jobs. Delivery jobs do have their pros and cons. No doubt, the starting pay of delivery jobs is lower than those professional jobs. However, if you are able to find a good courier company such as PCA Masters which can offer you a contractor position with attractive ad hoc jobs, you can […]

Changing the logistics operations with technology

All over the world, technology has been changing the way businesses work. Processes are being optimized, jobs are taken over by new technology and even customer experience can be largely impacted by the use of new technology. In fact, technology can be so great that it can disrupt an entire industry altogether. Look at Airbnb. It caused a massive disruption in the hotel and accommodation industry in the world. All industries including the logistics industries need to move ahead with time and utilize technology to their advantage. Logistics companies in Singapore such as PCA Masters ( have utilized technology to […]

Importance of finding reliable courier services in Singapore

I simply cannot overstate the importance of finding reliable courier services. There are so many times where I have heard people who sent important letters or documents through the normal postal method in Singapore and are only to be disappointed that they have lost the item in transit. The worst part is that there is nothing you can do about it and you cannot claim for damages through losses made through the Singapore’s postal system. Therefore, I recommend you to find a courier company for courier and delivery services for your office documents instead (other than doing it yourself). Why do I […]

Most efficient way to deliver items in Singapore

There are many people or businesses which require delivery services which need to be completed only within a short span of time. Examples are items such as fresh produce sold by E-commerce companies. These items need to be delivered within a short period of time and require very fast delivery services. SingPost may feel like a natural fit to this – but they’re a state monopoly and they couldn’t care less about businesses if you’re not big enough or unrelated to the government. Why not work with a private courier company like PCA Masters or Regent or Network Courier which […]

Future of courier deliveries – drones or not?

There is a lot of buzz in the tech and delivery industry about drones. This is because if drones could be built safely and have long lasting battery lifespans, they would potentially revolutionize the courier and delivery industries. This is especially true for E-commerce businesses and for small parcels. However, there are actually many obstacles leading up to that goal. In my opinion, courier deliveries would still be largely performed by humans for the next 10 years or so by reliable companies like or I will state my reasons below. The drone technology, if perfected, is truly more efficient and cheaper than […]

What do customers care most about for delivery services

As part of a market research, it is both interesting and beneficial for logistics companies to know what customers care most about for delivery services. With this information, the logistics companies will be able to improve its service offering and operational processes to fulfill the customers’ requirements more accurately. This will greatly increase customer satisfaction and thereby increasing customer retention rate. As each customer thinks and acts differently, here are some of the things customers care most about for delivery services: 1. Price In an environment where many logistics companies offer similar delivery service, customers have more bargaining power and […]

Benefits of courier services in Singapore

The courier services industry in Singapore is growing at a modest pace in the last decade. It has been gaining popularity with the local business owners and professional executives in Singapore. Due to the many benefits over the conventional delivery system provided by SingPost, many businesses had switched over from using SingPost to using the courier companies in Singapore for their routine deliveries. Here are the benefits of courier services in Singapore: 1. Benefits of courier services include door to door delivery. The couriers will be able to go down to the collection location designated by the customer to pick […]

Negotiating Cheap Prices For Singapore Courier Services

There are actually many methods and ways to get cheap courier service in singapore. I will share with you some of the most effective methods to use when negotiating with a local delivery or courier company in Singapore. However, do take note these tips are only applicable for businesses or individuals with relatively high volume of deliveries per month (at least 2-3 a day) – Do not look at their base courier services prices. The listed rates are generally only for ad hoc deliveries and is also usually not inclusive of any kind of CBD or outskirt surcharges. On the other hand, if […]