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Benefits of courier services in Singapore

The courier services industry in Singapore is growing at a modest pace in the last decade. It has been gaining popularity with the local business owners and professional executives in Singapore. Due to the many benefits over the conventional delivery system provided by SingPost, many businesses had switched over from using SingPost to using the courier companies in Singapore for their routine deliveries.

Here are the benefits of courier services in Singapore:
1. Benefits of courier services include door to door delivery. The couriers will be able to go down to the collection location designated by the customer to pick up the parcels and then making a trip down to the delivery location to fulfill his delivery. All the customers have to do is to simply give instructions and wait for the couriers to perform their delivery duties. On the other hand, if you need to use SingPost to deliver a parcel, you will have to go down to one of SingPost’s branches to drop the parcels. Comparing the two options, it will save you a lot of time and effort by engaging the courier services from the courier companies in Singapore instead of engaging the delivery services offered by SingPost.

2. If the volume of your routine business deliveries is huge, you can negotiate with the courier companies and get credit payment terms for your business. Generally, courier companies offer credit terms to large customers as an added service standard to attract and retain these large companies. You will have larger bargaining power if you negotiate with the courier companies instead of negotiating with SingPost. SingPost has tremendous bargaining power because they are the biggest delivery company in Singapore and generally do not offer credit terms to customers.

3. The courier companies in Singapore are also providing a better customer support than SingPost. The time needed to reach the customer support staff at courier companies via phone call is much shorter than that for SingPost. Moreover, the courier companies can be more flexible and accept some last minute changes in the deliveries if you were to call them up and explain things to them personally. Do not expect the same to be done for SingPost.

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  1. I think the biggest advantage is indeed door to door deliveries… saves me so much time lol. I would hate having to drop by an office to deliver or collect item.

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