As part of a market research, it is both interesting and beneficial for logistics companies to know what customers care most about for delivery services. With this information, the logistics companies will be able to improve its service offering and operational processes to fulfill the customers’ requirements more accurately. This will greatly increase customer satisfaction and thereby increasing customer retention rate.

As each customer thinks and acts differently, here are some of the things customers care most about for delivery services:

1. Price
In an environment where many logistics companies offer similar delivery service, customers have more bargaining power and can demand for better pricing for themselves. Many customers often look for delivery companies which can offer them better rates. Some customers may go the extreme of switching logistics companies from time to time in the event they find cheaper alternatives outside. Hence, for a logistics company to do well in this environment, it must ensure that its operational processes are streamlined and achieve economies of scale. Further innovation needs to be constantly applied to improve its operational efficiency so as to offer better rates for customers in the future to keep up with the competition.

2. Punctuality
Almost all customers expect their deliveries to be carried out punctually. The end recipients may need the items urgently by the delivery deadline, and hence late deliveries are seldom tolerated by the customers and recipients unless the fault is with the customers or the recipients. All logistics companies must see this requirement as a basic requirement. Delivering items punctually to recipients must be a common standard for the logistics companies. Otherwise, they will risk their reputation on the line.

3. Accountability
Customers want the logistics companies to be more accountable in their operations. Specifically, customers want to know the status of their deliveries, preferably in real-time. This can be achieved by the tracking feature implemented by some logistics companies. Going a step forward, it will be good if logistics companies can automatically inform the customers about the major happenings to their deliveries such as notification of the completion of the delivery instead of customers actively checking the status on their end.

As researched, price, punctuality, and accountability are the three things customers care most about for delivery services. In order to survive and do well in the logistics industry, players should keep these points in mind.