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Future of courier deliveries – drones or not?

There is a lot of buzz in the tech and delivery industry about drones. This is because if drones could be built safely and have long lasting battery lifespans, they would potentially revolutionize the courier and delivery industries. This is especially true for E-commerce businesses and for small parcels.

However, there are actually many obstacles leading up to that goal. In my opinion, courier deliveries would still be largely performed by humans for the next 10 years or so by reliable companies like http://www.pcamasters.com or http://www.roadmasteronline.net. I will state my reasons below.

  1. The drone technology, if perfected, is truly more efficient and cheaper than hiring workers to perform any kind of (small parcels) deliveries. This is because it will not be obstructed by the usual road constructs as well as traffic jams. There are lots of space in the air for drones to fly around. However, this technology is far from perfected for 2 main reasons: the battery life doesn’t seem to have improved much over time and most drones are still manually operated till this day and age. Battery life is a big concern because if a car or motorcycle belonging to a courier runs out of petrol, nothing would happen. The courier or deliveryman would simply stop riding or driving and push it to the nearest petrol station (though he or she would usually top up the fuel beforehand). Additionally, if the car or motorcycle breaks down, it will just slow down and eventually come to a stop. However, when it comes to drones, if it spoils or runs out of batteries, it will come crashing down from the air. This means that it will potentially hit someone or someone’s property, causing injuries or damage. Until this problem is solved fully and consistently, it will not be widespread.
  2. There are security reasons. (This is more for countries where the borders are close to each other.) If a company flies a drone over a border line by accident, and the neighboring country fires at the drone, who’s fault is it? There will be lots of issues when it comes to security because people are also worried that the drone can carry bombs. This risk is significantly reduced if a human courier or deliveryman were to be the one doing the delivery himself or herself as it is much easier to identify a human than a robot.

With all that said, enjoy the following video of people testing drones deliveries.

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  1. I think drones batteries are way too weak at the moment. Delivery services by drones are highly unlikely unless the battery issue and logistics management for drones have been fully settled.

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