There are many people or businesses which require delivery services which need to be completed only within a short span of time. Examples are items such as fresh produce sold by E-commerce companies. These items need to be delivered within a short period of time and require very fast delivery services. SingPost may feel like a natural fit to this – but they’re a state monopoly and they couldn’t care less about businesses if you’re not big enough or unrelated to the government. Why not work with a private courier company like PCA Masters or Regent or Network Courier which are more focused on their customers through their excellent customer service? Companies like PCA and Network would definitely pay much more attention to their customers than SingPost.

There are many courier companies which have expanded their delivery services to include deliveries for such urgent cases. If you need fast parcel delivery, then simply look at private courier services. Additionally, they are much more flexible when it comes to their sales agreements with companies. You are able to negotiate with them (at least to the best of my knowledge, this is the case for most courier companies in Singapore). This is particularly beneficial for companies which might want very special agreements / terms and conditions. There is 0 negotiation room when you engage SingPost services.

One thing you must note is that although most courier companies now offer urgent courier services, their pricing can be significantly different from that of their usual deliveries. If you intend to use these urgent and fast parcel delivery services only once or twice, it is of little importance. However, if you intend to use fast parcel delivery services very often, then you need to make sure to check with the courier company if you can get discounts or waiver on any other kind of surcharges. This is because it can add up to be very expensive in the long run. (P.S. Please do not expect cheap prices for fast and urgent parcel delivery services just because I said it may be possible. It is unlikely but what I mean is that you should check with the courier company before confirming opening of any corporate accounts with them.