I simply cannot overstate the importance of finding reliable courier services. There are so many times where I have heard people who sent important letters or documents through the normal postal method in Singapore and are only to be disappointed that they have lost the item in transit.

The worst part is that there is nothing you can do about it and you cannot claim for damages through losses made through the Singapore’s postal system.

Therefore, I recommend you to find a courier company for courier and delivery services for your office documents instead (other than doing it yourself). Why do I also emphasize on the importance of finding a reliable courier company? This is because even with courier companies, although it is generally much more convenient (because the deliveryman will do door-to-door delivery for you) and reliable than the Singapore postal system, not every courier company’s quality and reliability is the same. Hence I recommend you contact PCA Masters for safe and reliable deliveries.

How do you ensure that the courier company you engage is trustworthy and reliable? It is very simple to find out. You can use the test of promptness. I will simply email questions to the potential courier company that I may be using (or input into their website or call them) and judge and rank them according to the promptness of their replies. I feel that a reliable company understands that the key to making customers feel reassured is promptness in reply. The last thing customers want is a non-responsive company to feedback or requests. Even if a courier company does not immediately solve a customer’s problem, the customer will feel a sense of reassurance as long as the courier company replies quickly. Of course, the courier company MUST eventually solve whatever problem the customer is facing.

In my opinion, the promptness of replies as well as the way a courier company keeps their customers updated about anything is a big revelation of their customer service standards.