All over the world, technology has been changing the way businesses work. Processes are being optimized, jobs are taken over by new technology and even customer experience can be largely impacted by the use of new technology. In fact, technology can be so great that it can disrupt an entire industry altogether. Look at Airbnb. It caused a massive disruption in the hotel and accommodation industry in the world. All industries including the logistics industries need to move ahead with time and utilize technology to their advantage.

Logistics companies in Singapore such as PCA Masters ( have utilized technology to aid in their business operations in a number of ways.

Firstly, they developed their own business websites. Having an online presence mean a lot for businesses these days. Compared to the past where these logistics companies can only get leads by calling or meeting the prospects physically, sales pitch and communications can be done online now. In fact, a lot of prospecting time is saved now as the websites are able to generate traffic (visitors) to the websites passively. The sales force is being trained to handle online leads most of the time now. Moreover, as the business websites can let visitors interested to know about the companies’ businesses and services 24/7, more sales support staffs are needed to handle the incoming traffic of inquiries.

Secondly, most large logistics companies in Singapore adopted the use of software and web applications to track the items effectively. All items are now scanned whenever their statuses change. For example, when an item is being delivered, the item will be scanned to notify the system that delivery is ongoing. When the item is delivered, the item will be scanned again to notify the system that the delivery has been completed. This simple and quick scanning saves a lot of time for the couriers who will otherwise need to manually update the system on their own.

Thirdly, a lot of logistics companies are delivering their parcels faster with the aid of route calculation software which will calculate the fastest routes for the deliveries every day. If planned properly, I am not surprised that the delivery time can be cut down by as much as 30%.