In Singapore, most people will strive to enter the professional industries such as medical, law, and banking. These industries usually contain the highest paying jobs and prestige statuses. For those who are less educated, they will take up jobs who are more routine and manual, such as delivery jobs. Delivery jobs do have their pros and cons.

No doubt, the starting pay of delivery jobs is lower than those professional jobs. However, if you are able to find a good courier company such as PCA Masters which can offer you a contractor position with attractive ad hoc jobs, you can be earning up to 4 thousand dollars a month if you work hard. By working hard, I mean to work 10 hours every weekdays in the month specifically. The deliverymen can still take a break from work on the weekends.

Some courier companies provide their staffs with the company vehicles such as bikes, cars, and vans and allow the couriers to drive home the vehicles. At night, the couriers will be able to use these vehicles for their own personal use, such as going out for supper or party. Transportation for the couriers is not a problem in Singapore.

To be a successful courier and deliveryman, one must be able to navigate around the city well. This is because deliveries for courier companies are usually island-wide. If the couriers do not know their way around Singapore well, the delivery duration will be impacted. This will reduce the capacity and hence the company’s ability to take in more revenue per courier. In addition, customer satisfaction may decrease as a result of this longer delivery time. This will ultimately affect the customer retention rate and the long term revenue and profitability of the company as well.

Lastly, it is obvious that the couriers need to be able to endure hard and manual work. Sweating is part of the job. It requires good physical health to carry out these deliveries daily. If you do not want to work in these tiring jobs, then other jobs will be better for you. If you do not mind these requirements, then a delivery job with a decent pay and transportation perk may be just for you.