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Author: adminuserme

Are delivery jobs suitable for everyone?

In Singapore, most people will strive to enter the professional industries such as medical, law, and banking. These industries usually contain the highest paying jobs and prestige statuses. For those who are less educated, they will take up jobs who are more routine and manual, such as delivery jobs. Delivery jobs do have their pros and cons.

No doubt, the starting pay of delivery jobs is lower than those professional jobs. However, if you are able to find a good courier company such as PCA Masters which can offer you a contractor position with attractive ad hoc jobs, you can be earning up to 4 thousand dollars a month if you work hard. By working hard, I mean to work 10 hours every weekdays in the month specifically. The deliverymen can still take a break from work on the weekends.

Some courier companies provide their staffs with the company vehicles such as bikes, cars, and vans and allow the couriers to drive home the vehicles. At night, the couriers will be able to use these vehicles for their own personal use, such as going out for supper or party. Transportation for the couriers is not a problem in Singapore.

To be a successful courier and deliveryman, one must be able to navigate around the city well. This is because deliveries for courier companies are usually island-wide. If the couriers do not know their way around Singapore well, the delivery duration will be impacted. This will reduce the capacity and hence the company’s ability to take in more revenue per courier. In addition, customer satisfaction may decrease as a result of this longer delivery time. This will ultimately affect the customer retention rate and the long term revenue and profitability of the company as well.

Lastly, it is obvious that the couriers need to be able to endure hard and manual work. Sweating is part of the job. It requires good physical health to carry out these deliveries daily. If you do not want to work in these tiring jobs, then other jobs will be better for you. If you do not mind these requirements, then a delivery job with a decent pay and transportation perk may be just for you.

Changing the logistics operations with technology

All over the world, technology has been changing the way businesses work. Processes are being optimized, jobs are taken over by new technology and even customer experience can be largely impacted by the use of new technology. In fact, technology can be so great that it can disrupt an entire industry altogether. Look at Airbnb. It caused a massive disruption in the hotel and accommodation industry in the world. All industries including the logistics industries need to move ahead with time and utilize technology to their advantage.

Logistics companies in Singapore such as PCA Masters (http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/) have utilized technology to aid in their business operations in a number of ways.

Firstly, they developed their own business websites. Having an online presence mean a lot for businesses these days. Compared to the past where these logistics companies can only get leads by calling or meeting the prospects physically, sales pitch and communications can be done online now. In fact, a lot of prospecting time is saved now as the websites are able to generate traffic (visitors) to the websites passively. The sales force is being trained to handle online leads most of the time now. Moreover, as the business websites can let visitors interested to know about the companies’ businesses and services 24/7, more sales support staffs are needed to handle the incoming traffic of inquiries.

Secondly, most large logistics companies in Singapore adopted the use of software and web applications to track the items effectively. All items are now scanned whenever their statuses change. For example, when an item is being delivered, the item will be scanned to notify the system that delivery is ongoing. When the item is delivered, the item will be scanned again to notify the system that the delivery has been completed. This simple and quick scanning saves a lot of time for the couriers who will otherwise need to manually update the system on their own.

Thirdly, a lot of logistics companies are delivering their parcels faster with the aid of route calculation software which will calculate the fastest routes for the deliveries every day. If planned properly, I am not surprised that the delivery time can be cut down by as much as 30%.

Importance of finding reliable courier services in Singapore

I simply cannot overstate the importance of finding reliable courier services. There are so many times where I have heard people who sent important letters or documents through the normal postal method in Singapore and are only to be disappointed that they have lost the item in transit.

The worst part is that there is nothing you can do about it and you cannot claim for damages through losses made through the Singapore’s postal system.

Therefore, I recommend you to find a courier company for courier and delivery services for your office documents instead (other than doing it yourself). Why do I also emphasize on the importance of finding a reliable courier company? This is because even with courier companies, although it is generally much more convenient (because the deliveryman will do door-to-door delivery for you) and reliable than the Singapore postal system, not every courier company’s quality and reliability is the same. Hence I recommend you contact PCA Masters for safe and reliable deliveries.

How do you ensure that the courier company you engage is trustworthy and reliable? It is very simple to find out. You can use the test of promptness. I will simply email questions to the potential courier company that I may be using (or input into their website or call them) and judge and rank them according to the promptness of their replies. I feel that a reliable company understands that the key to making customers feel reassured is promptness in reply. The last thing customers want is a non-responsive company to feedback or requests. Even if a courier company does not immediately solve a customer’s problem, the customer will feel a sense of reassurance as long as the courier company replies quickly. Of course, the courier company MUST eventually solve whatever problem the customer is facing.

In my opinion, the promptness of replies as well as the way a courier company keeps their customers updated about anything is a big revelation of their customer service standards.

Most efficient way to deliver items in Singapore

There are many people or businesses which require delivery services which need to be completed only within a short span of time. Examples are items such as fresh produce sold by E-commerce companies. These items need to be delivered within a short period of time and require very fast delivery services. SingPost may feel like a natural fit to this – but they’re a state monopoly and they couldn’t care less about businesses if you’re not big enough or unrelated to the government. Why not work with a private courier company like PCA Masters or Regent or Network Courier which are more focused on their customers through their excellent customer service? Companies like PCA and Network would definitely pay much more attention to their customers than SingPost.

There are many courier companies which have expanded their delivery services to include deliveries for such urgent cases. If you need fast parcel delivery, then simply look at private courier services. Additionally, they are much more flexible when it comes to their sales agreements with companies. You are able to negotiate with them (at least to the best of my knowledge, this is the case for most courier companies in Singapore). This is particularly beneficial for companies which might want very special agreements / terms and conditions. There is 0 negotiation room when you engage SingPost services.

One thing you must note is that although most courier companies now offer urgent courier services, their pricing can be significantly different from that of their usual deliveries. If you intend to use these urgent and fast parcel delivery services only once or twice, it is of little importance. However, if you intend to use fast parcel delivery services very often, then you need to make sure to check with the courier company if you can get discounts or waiver on any other kind of surcharges. This is because it can add up to be very expensive in the long run. (P.S. Please do not expect cheap prices for fast and urgent parcel delivery services just because I said it may be possible. It is unlikely but what I mean is that you should check with the courier company before confirming opening of any corporate accounts with them.

Future of courier deliveries – drones or not?

There is a lot of buzz in the tech and delivery industry about drones. This is because if drones could be built safely and have long lasting battery lifespans, they would potentially revolutionize the courier and delivery industries. This is especially true for E-commerce businesses and for small parcels.

However, there are actually many obstacles leading up to that goal. In my opinion, courier deliveries would still be largely performed by humans for the next 10 years or so by reliable companies like http://www.pcamasters.com or http://www.roadmasteronline.net. I will state my reasons below.

  1. The drone technology, if perfected, is truly more efficient and cheaper than hiring workers to perform any kind of (small parcels) deliveries. This is because it will not be obstructed by the usual road constructs as well as traffic jams. There are lots of space in the air for drones to fly around. However, this technology is far from perfected for 2 main reasons: the battery life doesn’t seem to have improved much over time and most drones are still manually operated till this day and age. Battery life is a big concern because if a car or motorcycle belonging to a courier runs out of petrol, nothing would happen. The courier or deliveryman would simply stop riding or driving and push it to the nearest petrol station (though he or she would usually top up the fuel beforehand). Additionally, if the car or motorcycle breaks down, it will just slow down and eventually come to a stop. However, when it comes to drones, if it spoils or runs out of batteries, it will come crashing down from the air. This means that it will potentially hit someone or someone’s property, causing injuries or damage. Until this problem is solved fully and consistently, it will not be widespread.
  2. There are security reasons. (This is more for countries where the borders are close to each other.) If a company flies a drone over a border line by accident, and the neighboring country fires at the drone, who’s fault is it? There will be lots of issues when it comes to security because people are also worried that the drone can carry bombs. This risk is significantly reduced if a human courier or deliveryman were to be the one doing the delivery himself or herself as it is much easier to identify a human than a robot.

With all that said, enjoy the following video of people testing drones deliveries.

What do customers care most about for delivery services

As part of a market research, it is both interesting and beneficial for logistics companies to know what customers care most about for delivery services. With this information, the logistics companies will be able to improve its service offering and operational processes to fulfill the customers’ requirements more accurately. This will greatly increase customer satisfaction and thereby increasing customer retention rate.

As each customer thinks and acts differently, here are some of the things customers care most about for delivery services:

1. Price
In an environment where many logistics companies offer similar delivery service, customers have more bargaining power and can demand for better pricing for themselves. Many customers often look for delivery companies which can offer them better rates. Some customers may go the extreme of switching logistics companies from time to time in the event they find cheaper alternatives outside. Hence, for a logistics company to do well in this environment, it must ensure that its operational processes are streamlined and achieve economies of scale. Further innovation needs to be constantly applied to improve its operational efficiency so as to offer better rates for customers in the future to keep up with the competition.

2. Punctuality
Almost all customers expect their deliveries to be carried out punctually. The end recipients may need the items urgently by the delivery deadline, and hence late deliveries are seldom tolerated by the customers and recipients unless the fault is with the customers or the recipients. All logistics companies must see this requirement as a basic requirement. Delivering items punctually to recipients must be a common standard for the logistics companies. Otherwise, they will risk their reputation on the line.

3. Accountability
Customers want the logistics companies to be more accountable in their operations. Specifically, customers want to know the status of their deliveries, preferably in real-time. This can be achieved by the tracking feature implemented by some logistics companies. Going a step forward, it will be good if logistics companies can automatically inform the customers about the major happenings to their deliveries such as notification of the completion of the delivery instead of customers actively checking the status on their end.

As researched, price, punctuality, and accountability are the three things customers care most about for delivery services. In order to survive and do well in the logistics industry, players should keep these points in mind.

Benefits of courier services in Singapore

The courier services industry in Singapore is growing at a modest pace in the last decade. It has been gaining popularity with the local business owners and professional executives in Singapore. Due to the many benefits over the conventional delivery system provided by SingPost, many businesses had switched over from using SingPost to using the courier companies in Singapore for their routine deliveries.

Here are the benefits of courier services in Singapore:
1. Benefits of courier services include door to door delivery. The couriers will be able to go down to the collection location designated by the customer to pick up the parcels and then making a trip down to the delivery location to fulfill his delivery. All the customers have to do is to simply give instructions and wait for the couriers to perform their delivery duties. On the other hand, if you need to use SingPost to deliver a parcel, you will have to go down to one of SingPost’s branches to drop the parcels. Comparing the two options, it will save you a lot of time and effort by engaging the courier services from the courier companies in Singapore instead of engaging the delivery services offered by SingPost.

2. If the volume of your routine business deliveries is huge, you can negotiate with the courier companies and get credit payment terms for your business. Generally, courier companies offer credit terms to large customers as an added service standard to attract and retain these large companies. You will have larger bargaining power if you negotiate with the courier companies instead of negotiating with SingPost. SingPost has tremendous bargaining power because they are the biggest delivery company in Singapore and generally do not offer credit terms to customers.

3. The courier companies in Singapore are also providing a better customer support than SingPost. The time needed to reach the customer support staff at courier companies via phone call is much shorter than that for SingPost. Moreover, the courier companies can be more flexible and accept some last minute changes in the deliveries if you were to call them up and explain things to them personally. Do not expect the same to be done for SingPost.

Negotiating Cheap Prices For Singapore Courier Services

There are actually many methods and ways to get cheap courier service in singapore. I will share with you some of the most effective methods to use when negotiating with a local delivery or courier company in Singapore. However, do take note these tips are only applicable for businesses or individuals with relatively high volume of deliveries per month (at least 2-3 a day)

– Do not look at their base courier services prices. The listed rates are generally only for ad hoc deliveries and is also usually not inclusive of any kind of CBD or outskirt surcharges. On the other hand, if you have regular deliveries, it is virtually guaranteed that courier and delivery firms will definitely give you discounts due to the high volume of deliveries you require from them per month.

– Just check out their websites. Most good courier companies like PCA Masters and Roadmaster list out their prices on their website and it is very easy to look through them. Negotiate with them after you’re well aware of the various pricing levels and prices that they offer. Only by knowing what they already offer, will you be able to properly negotiate with them.

– You need to ideally know the approximate amount of deliveries you require every month as either an individual or business. When you know the amount of deliveries per month required, you would be able to make quick mental calculations all the time as you are negotiating with the courier company over the phone call or email. From this, you will be able to figure out what is the maximum price you are willing to pay per delivery or per month and then negotiate from that standpoint.

– Ask them if they provide any kind of credit payments. Some courier companies might only accept cash. Although from what I know, Singapore courier companies mostly allow credit, some do not. Just make sure to check and do not blindly assume anything.

With all the above tips and tricks, you should be well-prepared to negotiate great and cheap prices for your Singapore courier services.